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Family owned and operated, Murphy Tent Rental, Inc. has provided piece of mind and expert service to a wide range of clients in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, since 1973.

Founded by local sports legend Mel Stuessy in 1926, the business made, installed and repaired awnings for residential and commercial clients all over McHenry County. Tent rental was a vital part of the business, especially during County Fair season. Stuessy's nephew, Lee Murphy, took over in 1973 after Stuessy suffered a life altering stroke and changed the name and direction of the business.  Throughout the past forty years, Lee has expanded Murphy Tent Rental, Inc.'s inventory and became the trusted source of tents in McHenry County for parties, weddings, corporate events and promotions. 


As the business grew, so did the Murphy family. Kasey, Lee's wife, managed the office (and drove the occassional tent stake!) while their three sons took their place on dad's crew.


Today, Murphy Tent Rental, Inc. is committed to making your event a huge success! From tents to tables and chairs, we can provide the perfect outdoor setting for any event.

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